• We’re very adaptable – we can go by your timings and specifications!
  • We’re disabled and old people friendly – plenty of room for people to move about, whether with walking aids or a wheelchair. 
  • We’re UNLIMITED – which means as many prints as you like and as many goes as your guests want!
  • We’re fully insured for our equipment and for public liability – no need to worry!
  • We’re resizable – not got space for the inflatable? We can be out of the booth and still take photographs! Why not have an open air booth?
  • We have a LOT of props – too many to choose from and a lot of quirky treats to discover!
  • We customise your print out to your exact requirements – each event, wedding or party design is different and tailored to your theme. We spend a lot of time getting right, not just quickly putting your name in a generic template and hoping that’s okay.
  • We’re fun! The inflatable booth adds to the fun of your event / wedding!
  • We’re colourful! The booth is lit with LED’s so it looks stunning in any setting.
  • We’ll get you smiling – our booth attendants will get your guests going and encourage the fun!
  • We’re contactable and quick to get back to you – no waiting around – just get in contact today!


"Just threw a fundraising party and hired the bubble booth for a couple hours and what a perfect idea! So many props and photo prints and also lovely staff!! Couldn’t recommend enough and would definitely use again"

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